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In early 2014, D. L. Musgrove began selling interpretive stick figure portraits for $0.25 on index cards. They immediately took off, and soon he started working on canvas. After his friend suggested it, he recreated Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper as stick figures, which became an instant hit. Since then, he has recreated several other well-known pieces in the same style. Many of his Linear Perspective pieces have been on public display at various points, including in an art show in Sacramento, California.

The term linear perspective refers to the use of parallel lines and a single vanishing point to create a sense of depth in a drawing or painting. D. L. Musgrove plays upon this name by depicting famous works of art, many of which use the linear perspective technique, as stick figures. Though his Linear Perspectives works do not actually include linear perspective, they break it down by creating the same scenes and emotions linear perspective can create with only simple black lines on white canvases.

D. L. Musgrove also has dabbled in poetry. These poems, as well as many of his Linear Perspective works, can be seen on DeviantArt.